Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Kitchen

The kitchen in the evening is a chaos; Luisa cooking a cigerette on the stove and Antonio decanting vinho, Nini filling her bottles and setting the table, the commentary of the television showing another interview of Ronaldo.
Just some of the things you will see.

The swan chairs

These chairs are in the living room, they are very beautifully made.
Luisa Paula confided that 17 years ago she paid a lot of money for these, more than was polite to tell people. Today it's still a lot of money.

My New Book

I am pround to present my new book, in a lovely new format - a book!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I had to..

This is my early fashion work:


No blog is complete without a picture of my beautiful wife. Taken in the afternoon glow of her family's terrace in Vouzela.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Mona Lisa

One more from Porto, completely forgot.
This graffiti stencil was printed on the building of where my friend lives, where I was staying. The caption translates as something like "They pay me with Green Receipts". Apparently in Portugal if you work casually or as freelance, anything without a full-time contract then you provide your employer with this receipt of payment. It is a problem because the employees don't get any benefits like public health care, superannuation or job security and the employers prefer to pay this way because it is cheaper and simpler for them. Because of the benefit to the employer it has become very difficult to secure a full time contract, particularly in the creative fields.

Old and new

This is Vouzela in 1941 when it snowed last.

Today I attempted to find the same position of this this photograph but as I didn't have this picture with me for reference I misjudged it slightly. Also there are a lot more trees blocking the view than in 1941.

It snowed last Friday 9th Jan. Today is 3 days later so I missed it at it's best..
Here it is anyhow. I'm going to find this spot again tomorrow, hopefully there will be some remnants of snow.