Thursday, January 08, 2009

A bit of Porto

Ok so this is the Ponte da Arrabida, to me I only know it as the big white main bridge with the motor way going over it. I stumbled down a hill and took this picture while a couple sitting in a car next to me smoked spliffs. As I passed them one called out "Hey! where you from?" Damn he knows I speak english, just keep walking and pretend to be german or somthing.. It was a rough part of town, not just me being a snob. Carrying a camera, backpack and blonde hair screams "tourist" around here..
A creative variation to barbed wire over a wall. quite pretty really..
My wife's school where she studied architecture, just one of the buildings. The Faculdade de Architectura was designed by the Portuguese Guru of Architects Álvaro Siza Vieira. The portuguese architects I know (which is most of the portuguese population of London) go a little weak in the knees when you speak of Him, they also drool a little.. I went back there today to the school because apparently I missed an amazing part of it. Some old pink buildings and a garden. I looked and almost got eaten by a dog, I saw the things I missed but it wasn't really worth the 2nd trip there. probably I'm still missing something.

The picture above was meant to be underneath the one next to this but I couldn't work out how.. This is the Casa da Musica. A beautiful building that reminds me of a space ship. Inside, the background of one of the stages is a beautiful sunset distorted by curvy glass.

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